We love Dunedin music.

Dunedinmusic.com Ltd. exists to celebrate Dunedin music. This website is our hub, where, since 2005, members of this wonderful community have shared, discussed, created, and reviewed. Here in Dunedin, we have such a rich and vibrant musical history, but we also have an invigorating present, and a tantalising future, and our job is to help that happen in any way we can.

Our services

Music distribution

We can help you get your music online. We distribute digitally to the world's top services with artist friendly terms and we provide some pretty nice sales data for you to look at in the process. If you're interested in distributing your music with us, please contact us at store@dunedinmusic.com.

We also run an online store at buydunedinmusic.com which has some special physical musical artefacts you won't find elsewhere.


Contact artists@dunedinmusic.com if you're a Dunedin musician looking for some advice or help with anything music-industry-related.


In addition to our regular birthday parties, we're involved in organising facilitating and supporting all sorts of musical events, including but not limited to:

  • Entertainment for public events
  • Seminars and public talks
  • Mentoring programmes
Please contact us at events@dunedinmusic.com if you'd like our help with your event.


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Additional photographs were taken by our staff and volunteers.