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Lines of Flight Festival 2006-Line up

Gate, and more

The lineup for the festival is getting closer to final confirmation, with more exciting acts booked! We have secured funding to put towards travel expenses and artists' fees which is great news, and things are progressing nicely.

In addition to the previous list of acts, we can now add the following:

Gate (Michael Morley)
Adam Willetts
isyd (Zoe Drayton)
Dave Black
The Stumps - replacing Antony Milton's solo slot, he is joined by co-conspirators James Kirk (ex Sandoz Lab Technicians) and Stephen Clover (Seht).

Ryan Cockburn is bringing his cut-up turntables from Melbourne to perform as part of Eye.

Venues will be announced shortly, and the lineup for each show will also be posted. But really, you need to go to them all, to achieve full imersion in this alternate universe!

So, the lineup is currently as below:

Birchville Cat Motel
The Stumps (Antony Milton, James Kirk, Stephen Clover)
A Handful of Dust (Bruce Russell, Alistair Galbraith)
Greg Malcolm
Eye (Peter Stapleton, Peter Porteous, Nathan Thompson, Ryan Cockburn)
Ray Off
Rory Storm and the Invaders
Alistair Galbraith and Maxine Funke
Lovely Midget
The Audible 3 (Marc Chesterman, John Kennedy and Paul Winstanley)
Richard Francis
Sam Hamilton
Adam Willetts
isyd (Zoe Drayton)
Dave Black

There are two more acts to be confirmed, which we hope to announce shortly.

Lines of Flight is part of the larger Otago Fringe Festival, so book your flights now while there are still cheap deals!

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