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Hit Haunted Love Video Now Available for Free Download

PRESS RELEASE - Hit Haunted Love Video Now Available for Free Download

The video for Haunted Love's song "Librarian" was nothing short of a worldwide hit with a spectacular number of views on YouTube and glowing feedback. No wonder its producers were inundated with requests for a copy. The commercial instinct in all of us said "charge for it! You'll be millionaires!" but, quite frankly, Haunted Love are better people than us.

Which is why they've agreed to make high quality copies of the video available for download. We here at derivative audio jumped at the chance of hosting the vid - "anything for the locals," we smiled - and we are very proud to announce its availability over at our downloads page:

There are two versions, one encoded in h264 format for the film nerds, and another encoded in iPod format so that you can take Haunted Love with you to the library and show your friends who are not allowed to connect to YouTube on their workstations.

It doesn't stop there though - in the same package, we are able to offer more videos from the same production stable, including four Onanon numbers and one from Gina Rocco and the Rockettes. And we'll be servin' them as long as our bandwidth lasts, so get on in there and get some visual Dunedin culture down ya!

Love always,
derivative audio.

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