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Second Birthday Celebration - More Prizes

A mere two days away, our second birthday is shaping up to be a corker. Make you sure get yourself down to Refuel on Saturday if you're in the Dunedin area, but before you do so, enter the [prize draw]. We've just added several more prizes to both the all ages draw and the R18 draw. They are:
- The Tweeks - You Can Listen Too
- The 'Bones - Live
- John Egenes - Fretbuzz
- The Chills - Stand By
- FLAK/Blistering Tongues - Tour EP

That's on top of the two hoodies and copies of dunedinmusic.compilation3 and 4, and a voucher for the disc being recorded at the show. Not a bad prize really.
So there you go. Expand your CD collection, while suppporting your local artists at the Second Birthday Celebration.

Did we mention it'll be a pint night from 7pm? We didn't? Well then - it's going to be a pint night from 7pm. See you there! More articles


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