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Acoustic Del-ight (Nelson Mail)

By Naomi Arnold

"What do you call this stuff?" Nelson music writer and reviewer Grant Smithies once asked of Dunedin band Delgirl. "Urban folk? Alt-country? Southland gothic? I just call it very good indeed."

Delgirl themselves just say, "It is what it is".

"Three different writers and singers; that's one of the things that makes Delgirl different," percussionist, banjo and ukulele player Lynn Vare says. "When people say, `I can't think where to peg you', that's good. Music writers always want to put you in a box and explain it as `hip-hop' or whatever, so it's good to be a challenge."

Delgirl hasn't played in Nelson for a couple of years now, and Vare says she keeps getting emails from people asking when they'll be back. She has good news for them. With some new material, the three-piece will be playing four dates in the top of the south as part of the Nelson Arts Festival.

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