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Press Release - Opposite Sex garner international attention

Opposite Sex's self titled album has been receiving regular airplay on Marc Riley's BBC Radio show in the UK in the prime weekday evening slot since mid January, the legendary DJ (and former Fall guitarist) proclaiming it "absolutely brilliant." Together with good reviews in January in UK music monthly Uncut and French music/ culture weekly Les Inrockuptibles, it has led to a run on the album since the New Year and a big jump in people listening to the album the band's page.
Fishrider Records owner Ian Henderson says the LP pressing of 150 is close to selling out already. "We won't be troubling the charts" he said, "but it is good to know that it is still possible to sell LPs and CDs around the world from Dunedin. It is also great to hear new Dunedin music being talked about overseas. Even if we did poach this band from Gisborne."
The LP pressing was an expensive gamble but now Henderson is wishing he'd had more pressed. "The LPs have been selling as well as CDs and digital album downloads at this early stage. The LP pressing will cover costs now which was the main goal. LP sales have been strongest in Dunedin and Gisborne, which is understandable. But orders via the band's page from the UK and Europe account for the next biggest slice of the LP pressing."
The mail-order process has also been a useful way to get direct feedback from new fans: "Almost everyone who has bought an album has e-mailed, saying how much they loved the songs they've heard on the radio and can't wait for the album. It seems to have appealed to a broad age-range too which is great."
Henderson says he was taken by surprise by the level of interest overseas. "I did much the same with the release promotion for this as I have done for every other Fishrider album but this one has caught the imagination of some reviewers and alternative radio people immediately. You can't plan for that or make it happen - it's just the combination of chance plus an album that connects with people straight away - "love at first sound" as one buyer wrote."
Meanwhile Opposite Sex have been flying below the radar in New Zealand. The album was released in mid-November and they have yet to play far beyond their Dunedin base or hometown of Gisborne so far - something the band plan to rectify in the first half of this year.

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