More articles's Eight Birthday Party is GO!'s annual birthday extravaganza is back and as always it's big, bad and bountiful! On Saturday September 7th at Refuel Bar, 20 live acts will come together to mark the occasion. The event will kick off at 2pm with an all-ages show, a get-together dinner for musicians and crew around 6pm and an R18 show from 7:30pm onwards.

Both shows this year will be absolute crackers, featuring a selection of the city's finest veterans, chart-toppers and audacious young tearaways.

This year's artists include:
A Distant City, Astro Children, D-Range, Ded Sparrows, Hunting Bears, Jo Little & Jared Smith, Maine Coons, Males, Manthyng, Matt Langley, Osmium, Paul Cathro & Band, Prophet Hens, Puzzle Puppets, Reo, Ruby Phantoms, Sunley Band, Tahu and the Takehes, The Chills, Two Cartoons

Stay tuned to this site or our Facebook page for lineup and schedule updates.

Along with this, local support is being provided by Live Sound Engineering, Emerson's Brewery, Hintons Fruit and Produce, Poppas Pizzas, Phantom Billstickers, Tokyo House and Radio One 91FM.

This event is truly a collaborative effort celebrating the extraordinary musical talent that resides here in Dunedin, and it's our way of saying thanks to the many, many people involved in our community. The Birthday Party has reached legendary status over the years featuring some of Dunedin's hottest local musicians. Entry is free so come along and celebrate with us! More articles


The Chills Jo Little Matt Langley Sunley Band Hunting Bears Astro Children MANTHYNG Jared Smith Osmium Two Cartoons Ded Sparrows The Maine Coons
A Distant City
Paul Cathro & Band
Prophet Hens
Puzzle Puppets
Ruby Phantoms
Tahu and the Takehes


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