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Press Release: Molly Devine’s Debut as Mallika

Molly Devine’s Debut as Mallika

On 26 May, 1pm at the Marama Hall, performance Master student Molly Devine, will unveil an exciting new direction in her musical career making her debut as 'Mallika.' She will perform a sneak peak concert of her debut album 'Planet Glitter' alongside her incredibly talented band.

On a recent pilgrimage through India, Molly received a Sanskrit name, Mallika, which means Jasmine and light. Molly has used this name to rebrand her music as she sees the flower imagery as a perfect description of her budding career as a musical artist. She said, ‘I’ve been so fortunate in my life to be able to pursue music, and I feel like I’m now bursting with enthusiasm to share what I’ve been working on.’
Molly’s vocal ability has been described as ‘strongly expansive and explorative...’ (ODT, 2nd March 2015), and these qualities transcend to her intriguing and innovative songwriting. Her album Planet Glitter has been in the making for the past few years, and she describes it as an exploration of the mundane and the extraordinary. She says, ‘There’s something very exciting when you try and conceive how small we are in the context of the universe, but there’s something equally exciting about getting a new pair of sunglasses.’
Tickets are on sale at the door, so make sure you arrive early. Music students are free, students $3, and adults $7. More articles


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