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DUDLEY BENSON & GOLDEN RETRIEVER RECORDS are proud to announce Benson’s much-anticipated third album, Zealandia.

Zealandia is the acclaimed Dunedin-based musician’s most ambitious work yet – a set of twelve 'identity pop anthems' featuring full symphony orchestra, the 50-person New Zealand Youth Choir, and electronic beats Benson sampled from rocks and minerals found within our continent.

“That’s where the name of the album comes from”, explains Benson. “Most of us think of New Zealand as part of Australasia, but recently geologists discovered that we’re not. We belong to a 94% submerged continent called Zealandia, which I think presents this incredibly exciting moment for us to re-identify ourselves – to start again – as Zealandians.”

In the final stages of producing Zealandia, Benson has just launched a crowdfunding campaign via the New Zealand Arts Foundation platform, Boosted.

“I’ve spent three years writing and recording the album, and about the same amount of time raising the money to make it. I’m nearly there, and any koha people can give to help me finish Zealandia, I’d be hugely grateful for.”

Watch the making-of-Zealandia video at the campaign page:

Last week Benson unveiled the album’s first single and self-directed music video, Muscles. Describing the NZ On Air-funded track as “a reminder that the power of Nature can help us through almost anything”, the strings-laden Muscles represents a new, electronic-influenced direction for Benson, and hints of things to come from Zealandia. More articles


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