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DUNEDINMUSIC.COM’S 10TH BIRTHDAY PARTY’s birthday blowout is back after a one-year hiatus and it’s coming to get you with with a spiffing array of local talent! On Saturday September 19th in the University Main Common Room, 12 live acts will come together to mark the occasion. The event is R18 and will kick off at 7:00pm. 

In previous years, we’ve thrown an all-ages party in the afternoon, but this year we encourage all comers to get their share of youthful musical exuberance at the Amped Music Project party in Refuel from 12:30pm. After the main event, we're throwing an after-party downstairs, so you can burn your energy off in the wee small hours.

Both shows this year will be absolute crackers, featuring a selection of the city’s finest veterans, chart-toppers and audacious young tearaways. This year’s artists are Graeme Downes, Ragged, For The Quail, Shakes and the Swell Guys, Haszari, Wall2Wall, The Bergs, Death and the Maiden, MISS, The Mentalist Collective, Arcee, Tahu and the Takehes, Owls, Machina Rex, and Space Bats, Attack!

Stay tuned to this website or our Facebook page ( for lineup and schedule updates.

Local support is provided by Dunedin City Council Creative Communities, Radio One 91FM, Poppa’s Pizza, Hinton Fruit and Produce and Live Sound Engineering.

This event is truly a collaborative effort celebrating the extraordinary musical talent that resides here in Dunedin, and it’s our way of saying thanks to the many, many people involved in our community. The Birthday Party has reached legendary status over the years featuring some of Dunedin’s hottest local musicians. Entry is free so come along and celebrate with us!

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Graeme Downes Shakes & the Swell Guys Haszari For The Quail The Mentalist Collective Ragged
Tahu and the Takehes
Space Bats Attack
Machina Rex
Death and The Maiden
The Bergs


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