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Press Release: Males launch new video

MALES (Dunedin, NZ) are proud to announce the release of 'Heavy Going', the first cut from our forthcoming debut album.

Recorded and mixed by the master Tex Houston (The Clean, the 3Ds, Tono and the Finance Company), with incredible visuals by Lily Paris West (Mermaidens), Heavy Going is something of a new phase for us. We're very proud, and we hope you like it.

ALSO, this marks the launch of our freshly built digital home It's a bit bare right now, but we'll be sharing lots of content in the lead up to the album - more songs, inspiration mixtapes, and the like.

In other news, we played our first shows in ages last month, living dreams with the Phoenix Foundation on the GUYD tour at Sammy's, and chilling with the Melocasa crew for their last show of the year at Re:Fuel. A wee montage of our set can be seen here.

-Anyway, plenty more to come/Go! soon-

-Stay aware and care-

-Peace and Love, Males xxx- More articles


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