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Music Department Symposium-Wed Feb 25

University of Otago

Performance as Research
A Department of Music Symposium

P r o g r a m m e

12.30 John Drummond-Performance as Research

1.00 Anthony Ritchie-"Death, the Universe and Everything: NZ Poets in Song"

1.30 Peter Adams-"Commissioned Chalk and Cheese: violin, brass band, stylistic pluralism and compositional choices"

2.00 Terence Dennis-"A Potent Symbiosis: The Piano Works Of Wagner And Late-Liszt"

afternoon tea 2.30-3.00

3.00 Dan Bendrups and Rob Burns-"Subject to Change: New Directions in the Jazz Diaspora"

3.30 John Egenes -"Remix Culture: The Folk Process in the 21st Century"

4.00 Ian Chapman-"Dr Glam: Spreading the Glitter-the art (science, alchemy) of artifice."

4.30 Graeme Downes-"Paraphrasing Hitler and boy racer envy: intersections of historical, humanistic and tonal research in the forthcoming Verlaines' album Corporate Moronic."

5.00 refreshments and informal discussions

Free admission
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