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Press Release -Radio One 91FM Releases Free 2CD Sampler

Media Release from Radio One 91FM Dunedin
15th July 2009

Radio One 91FM Releases Free 2CD Sampler
A Century of Seasons for their 25th Birthday

Radio One 91FM Dunedin is celebrating 25 years of existence by releasing 25 years of Dunedin music on a 2CD set - titled A Century of Seasons. The first CD of the set has 20 tracks showcasing classics and unearthed aural treasure from 1984 through to 2007. The second disc is a roll call of 20 current Dunedin artists who you will be hearing more from in the future. A Century of Seasons, Radio One's 2009 Double CD Sampler, will introduce young ears to artists and classic tracks that have helped make Radio One and Dunedin what it is today.

Radio One Station Manager Lesley Paris says 'It's been a great project to work on. We've been really fortunate to have permission to include never before released rarities like a live version of the Chills Pink Frost and a mighty demo version of Snapper's Cause of You that was recorded at the Radio One Studio in 1988. The CDs feature other tracks mined from the Radio One recording studios archive such as fine cuts such as the Double Happys Nerves as well as songs recorded as bands played them Live To Air. We've also tracked down unreleased gems such as Zuvuya's Chi Chi from their unreleased album.

This CD Sampler set of Dunedin music is a perfect way to explore the past, present and shining future of this little city that continues to punch above it's weight. Radio One says a big thank you to the DCC for a Community Arts grant towards the costs of the manufacture. A Century of Seasons is free to anyone with a Radio One 2009 Onecard and is available from Thursday 16th July from the Radio One Stall at the OUSA Market day on campus and from the Radio One Office at the university, Level 1, OUSA Building, 640 Cumberland St, Dunedin.

Radio One 91FM 2CD Sampler A Century of Seasons Tracklist

Disc 1 Retro

1. The Chills - Pink Frost (live)
2. Double Happys - Needles and Plastic
3. Look Blue Go Purple - I Don't Want You Anyway
4. Snapper - Cause Of You (demo)
5. The Dead C - Bad Politics
6. Alastair Galbraith - As In A Blender
7. David Mitchell - Dead Dog In Port Chalmers
8. The Puddle - Monogamy (live)
9. The Bats - The Black and the Blue (live)
10. The Verlaines - Hanging By Strands
11. High Dependency Unit - Fauxtekra
12. Sola Monday - Swallow
13. David Kilgour - Today Is Gonna Be Mine
14. Cloudboy - (You're So) Pretty
15. The Ho Dogs - Your Call
16. Hiss Explosion - After Me (live)
17. Zuvuya - Chi Chi
18. Anji Sami - Leaving (live)
19. Die! Die! Die! - Ashtray! Ashtray! (live)
20. The Clean - Getting Older (live)

Radio One 91FM 2CD Sampler A Century of Seasons

Disc 2 Nowtro

1. Operation Rolling Thunder - A Matter of Space
2. The Tweeks - Happened Before
3. The Alpha State - Summer Sun
4. Onanon - Exploding Heart
5. Aesthetics - Hombre
6. Soulseller - Year Of The Dog
7. Bad Sav - Ruiners
8. Knives At Noon - Purple Star
9. Biff Merchants - Hypopompia
10. Tono & the Finance Company - Tuesday Evening (live)
11. Haunted Love - Darkness In Diamond City
12. Mike Fabulous - Wang East
13. Undertow - Alone
14. Nightshade ft Sarah Callander - Take Me
15. SoNic Smith - Wii Break
16. Voodoo Gangster - Emilio
17. Sewage - Money Money (Hot Girls)
18. Autoharpies - Vault
19. Brains - Friends
20. A.J. Sharma - Bungalow
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