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Dr Glam Book launch and Event -Press Release

Press Release:
He's the Glam Rock renaissance man of our time, and a sparkling silver alien from a very shiny planet...
Simply, he's the most over the top performer that Dunedin has ever seen...

Dr. Glam beams down from the mothership once more in October to celebrate the launch of his first book, Glory Days: From Gumboots to Platforms. This time he's armed with even more sparkly stuff and sensationally shiny costumery than ever before...this time he brings you a GLAMSTRAVAGANZA!!!
At Dr. Glam's 'Freaks Cabaret' Fringe Festival performance earlier this year, Dunedin responded to the 'reinvent yourself' urgings of the Doc by turning up in wigs and glitter, spandex and space-wear.
This time, he wants MORE!!

Dr. Glam will showcase his wry and twisted brand of 'Dark Glam' followed by another blistering Glam Rock performance backed by Cap'n Dave and The Pirate Hookers. The Glam Rock Bagpiper will stop the show once more, the Belly-dancers will evoke oohs and aahs, and the lights, effects and glitter you have come to expect from a Dr Glam gig will be there in force!

Who is Dr Glam?

Dr Glam is also known as Ian Chapman, lecturer in contemporary music at Otago University. He's a musician, a freelance writer and New Zealand's foremost authorities on the glitzier bits of the 70s. With his Dr Glam stage persona, Ian celebrates Glam Rock's theatrical imagery, with full silver stage make-up and an ever-evolving wardrobe of space-age suits and platform boots.
Ian's first book is to be published by Harper Collins in October. Glory Days: from Gumboots to Platforms is an irreverent overview of NZ arts, culture and society in the 1970s, when platform shoes roamed the earth and polyester
ruled the catwalks.
Dr Glam Press and Contributor's Launch
Are you a member of Dunedin's elite press community? Do you want to know more about the future Harper Collins classic, Glory Days, while rubbing shoulders with Dunedin's musical luminaries, past and present? Join us at the University Staff Club on September 30th for a glass of wine and a nibble. Ian Chapman will read an excerpt from Glory Days and Dr Glam will perform a boutique selection of glittery numbers.
Who knows? ....They may even bump into one another....


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