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Press release:'s fifth birthday

Five years. Five years since we launched the original geo-niched music website, and we're still blowing stronger than the southerly howling straight up George Street.

Yes, it's's fifth birthday, and to celebrate we're throwing one heck of a party on August the 21st. With an all-ages show in the early afternoon, and one for the big kids running from the early evening until... well, until we drop, there's a little of something for almost everyone. With 24 delicious acts descending on a custom-constructed two-room setup at Refuel Bar down here in Dunedin, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was some sort of expensive festival. But, because this is our party, this gig is absolutely free... although we will be accepting koha from kind folk who want to get some pinga to the artists. Oh, and maybe, just maybe, there'll be joyous speeches and bountiful giveaways.

So, help us blow out our candles, spread high-five fever and generally feel pretty darn chuffed. Keep up-to- date with the latest birthday news (among all the other action) right here on the site, check us out on Facebook at and listen to the chirping at

Refuel Bar, Dunedin, Saturday 21st August 2010 All-ages show 1:30pm R18 show 6:30pm
Featuring: Alizarin Lizard, Bill Morris, The Chills, Communist Rainbow Relationship, Crude, Cult Disney, Hana Fahy, Honeybone, Ink Mathematics, John Egenes, John White, Julian Temple Band, Knives at Noon, Made in China, Matt Langley, Mountaineater, Mr. Biscuits, Operation Rolling Thunder, Skybus, SoNic Smith, Soulseller, The Standing Spirits, Sunley Band, TFF and Thundercub.

DUNEDINMUSIC.COM was launched in 2005 as a hub for Dunedin's music community. Since then, we've built a vibrant little online community, thrown some hot parties, released a bunch of compilations and tried to be a model citizen in a rapidly changing industry. As well as being the start of the second half of our first decade, 2010 is an action-packed year for us as we relaunch our new and improved online store (http:// - coming in early August!), roll out features that will give artists unique and valuable tools in the digital realm and begin the exciting process of overhauling our existing services. Stay tuned for developments!

Radio One, Southern Lights and Live Sound Engineering

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