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Snapper reform for special Xmas gig

On Friday the 23rd of December at 9.00pm sharp a very special concert will take place at Sammys entertainment venue in Crawford street Dunedin.

Snapper,Heka and Operation rolling Thunder will play to celerbrate the release of hekas and Operation Rolling Thunders CD debuts.

Snapper first formed in 1987 and has gone through different personal but is based around the talents of Peter Gutteridge,previously of The Great Unwashed and The Clean.
Snappers sound was always unique no one anywhere sounded like Snapper.
Their first EP (self titled) was in 1989, an album' Shotgun Blossom' 1992 ,a single 'Gentle hour' in 1993 and 'ADM 'in 1997. Peter also had various solo releases through xpressway on the 'Pile up' and the much praised Pure.

Peters last performance and recording was for the Arclife compilation 1998 with the intimate solo piano piece "Universe of love". Recently there have been a number of covers of Snappers songs,both in Aotearoa and overseas. He is currently working on a new batch of songs which will air for the first time at Sammys on the 23rd.

Heka formed in 2000 ,and consists of Heath Te Ao formerly of Mink ,cloudboy ,Suka and still in The Puddle and Vergyl .He has had solo releases under Tawhiri. Stephen Kilroy is formerly of stephen and chug as well as releasing as a solo artist.

Operation Rolling Thunder are Rob and Adam Falconer who have just released their debut Ep 'white light'
This was recorded last year in Albany street studios.
They were nominated this year for a b-net award as well.

This is the release of Heka's debut 'last spiritual gas station before the end of civilisation' recorded in Sept 2001,and cursed ever since,with the collapse of Arclife and the untimely death of its manager Mike Brassell.
This album has only come out with the help of Arclifes replacement Tinshack and a Creative NZ grant to complete this record as well as 2 other releases.
Mike Dooley joked if Heka ever got it together then he would convince snapper to play, the record is out so good to their word snapper are playing.

Sammys is one of Dunedins oldest venues (previously called 'His Majesty's Theatre').It was host to numerous internationals in the 80's and 90's as well as a supreme local gig for local Dunedin artists,indeed it could be argued that the peak of Sammy's was also the peak of the Dunedin music scene.

So all the ingredients are together on Friday the 23rd Snapper have only played once in 6 years so as it says in hekas album 'make the most of the time we have left.' See you at 9:00 pm sharp.

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