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Fishrider Records News - March 2012

March 2012 News

Opposite Sex by Opposite Sex UK release
Fishrider Records and UK-based Occultation Recordings (Wild Swans, Distractions, June Brides, etc.), are pleased to announce a trans-global alliance for the UK release of the self-titled debut album by Opposite Sex, available on 180g vinyl and CD from and distributed in the UK and Europe by Proper Distribution from 23rd April 2012 -

The album has already attracted heavy radio airplay from the likes of Marc Riley and Gideon Coe on BBC6Music, and is winning admirers wherever it goes. Now it is getting a full UK release, bringing it to a whole new audience.

Opposite Sex album reviews

"The new wave of New Zealand pop begins's remarkable, leaping from sea-sick waltzes and crunchy post-punk to ADD-pop (see the hyper opener "La Rat")" 4/5 Uncut (UK)

"It's absolutely does put me in mind of maybe The Mekons and the Raincoats and...the best pop band you've ever heard in your life. I absolutely adore it. It's going to be in my top five albums of the year definitely." Marc Riley, BBC Radio 6 (UK)

" of those amazing pieces of ragged art that must simply be heard to be believed...Get it." 9/10 (USA)

"Highly addictive... "La Rat" is two minutes of insidiously catchy indie pop, the sort of thing reputations were forged on in the '80s" Leicester Bangs webzine (UK)

"a wonderfully spontaneous album... Sitting somewhere between oddball pop and disjointed 1970s No Wave...It's a debut album that contains all the elements you desire..." 8/10 Kicking Against the Pricks (UK)

"weird and fantastic... one of the most infectious local debuts of recent years." 8/10 (NZ)

"off-kilter pop of the finest order" Dagger 'zine (USA)

"head-nodding, chanting strangeness - the same eerie shimmer that bands like Black Tambourine and The Raincoats achieved." Volume #15 (NZ)

"Where pop and anti-pop collide... wonderfully curious and weird." Cheese on Toast (NZ)

"a manic, ever-progressing experiment of peculiar pop. A perplexing, disarming but ultimately fascinating listen." The Corner (NZ)

New release of the day: OPPOSITE SEX s/t CD (Fishrider), "the next wave of swoony Dunedin New Zealand pop." WFMU Radio New Jersey

"something that should definitely make it into your weekly playlist" Austin Town Hall music blog (USA)

"blending French ye-ye pop with classic '77 artpunk, sugary sweet vocal delivery and tons of waltz. Truly a unique band with a sound completely their own" Art is the Enemy (Sweden)

"Opposite Sex is the most charming thing you've heard....We thank New Zealand for this gem." Our Favourite (Sweden)

The Shifting Sands - Feel CD
Michael (Alpha State) McLeod's new group delivers an album with a Flying Nun Records guest list (incl. David Kilgour, Robert Scott, Robbie Yeats, Lesley Paris & Jay Clarkson), updating the fictional "Dunedin Sound" jangling hyper-melodic guitar-pop template with synths and sitars (!) - Out 2 April 2012

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