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Black Boy Peaches @ Refuel. 10/03/12

Black Boy Peaches @ ReFuel, 10/03/12,

With support from Ostrander Aardvark, Strang and the Strange and the Suds.

One thing I have noticed in recent months is that it is socially unacceptable to dance at live gigs without a drink in one's hand; that is unless someone else is doing it first. It's therefore a good thing that Black Boy Peaches have toured and are experienced enough to know how to dissolve this custom by encouraging textbook audience participation - and by playing good music, of course.

Now a two-piece ensemble, BBP still projected the quality, volume and depth of a full band. This, they explained, was partly thanks to their discrete and honorary third member (an iPod with bass and synth tracks), but as they proved in their encore, it is mostly because they are quality and well-practised musicians. Certainly, the parts were clear, the drumming was skilled, the vocals were driving and the songs were catchy. Other reviewers have said that BBP has great commercial potential, but need that little something extra to help them along. I think all they need is time. Memorable songs of the evening included "Company Feel Good", "Miss Information" and new song, "Apocalypse Sun."

Support came in three acts: the first was Ostrander Aardvark. This music might have been punk rock - in that the songs were fast, high energy, based on simple musical ideas and no longer than 2-3 minutes long - only the players weren't punks. The vocalist's singing was slurred at times but lyrics I did pick up included, "na na na" and "1 2 3", etc. in the spirit of punk rock, no doubt. They played a little out of time with each other at the beginning of their set, but cleaned up towards the end. Their sound was fuzzy and heavy (in the best way) and they were utterly confident. A recommended band.

Strang and the Strange went down well, too. They weren't so busy and I could hear the three parts more distinctly. I noticed that the band wanted to move around a lot more than they did, particularly the bass player, so I'd be interested to see this band play to a larger and more active audience. The sound was clean and the players had merit, but what ever happened to dressing like a rock star? Maybe my views are old-fashioned but I don't think it's very 'rock-and-roll' to wear buttoned-all-the-way-up shirts and cardigans on stage. CARDIGANS! Is this modern rock? I'm not sure.

The Suds also played. What a shame they abandoned their set after only four songs. Technical problems, I think.

Thanks to Black Boy Peaches, Ostrander Aardvark, the Suds and the management at ReFuel for a choice gig.

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