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Mother Goose

In 1977, Mother Goose was the most popular band in Australasia.

Only eighteen months after forming in Dunedin, New Zealand, Mother Goose had smashed attendance records for gigs in every city in Australia and New Zealand (many of these house records still stand today); Stuffed, Mother Gooses debut album became Mushroom Records fastest selling album; Baked Beans was a smash hit across Australia; and the self-directed film clip for Baked Beans was so popular it was played on television stations between prime time programmes (in addition to dominating every Aussie TV rock show).

In late 1975, the six Dunedin rock musicians just wanted to play the rock music they loved, to the highest level. But they couldnt take all the pomposity and pretentiousness of 1970s rock seriously, the backs-to-the-audience, the 20-minute self-indulgent lead breaks, the preening and posing, so they decided to break down this artifice by mocking themselves. They came up with the dumbest name they could think of - Mother Goose, tried to out-do each other by wearing the most self-humiliating costumes they could devise, and started playing in pubs. And strangely, the less seriously they took themselves, the more popular they became.

Baked Beans wasnt actually written, it just happened in a pub one day, and the huge crowds Mother Goose were drawing refused to let the band leave the stage without at least two encores. So Mother Goose went on the road, and resolved not to submit to the ludicrous television talent quests (Studio One etc) to which every band had to subject themselves if they wanted to be successful in New Zealand. Mother Goose knew they didn't fit and they were proud of that fact.

So, after a particularly successful concert in Albert Park in Auckland, Mother Goose decided to move across the Tasman. Unlike most New Zealand bands before them (and most since), the power of Mother Goose's live show saw them achieve virtually instant success in Australia. Mushroom Records quickly signed the band, and the Stuffed debut album (1977) achieved universal acclaim.

The bands crowd-drawing power was such that booking agents outbid each other to place their bands as Mother Goose's support acts: bands such as Cold Chisel, Men at Work, Aussie Crawl, The Angels, Midnight Oil, all started by opening for Mother Goose.

By the end of 1978, the six original members of Mother Goose were living in Hollywood, with their own recording studio, signed to the hugely influential Scotti Brothers management and recording company. But staying true to their early Dunedin vision, the band refused to bow to pressure to conform to the American pulp rock clich



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