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The Retrophonic Funk Machine

The concept was first conceived by the great artist and inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci. We have come to be in possession of a previously unknown work of his; the blueprints for perhaps the greatest invention that never was! It was to be called the Retrophonic Funk Machine.

Unfortunately, the design never came to fruition due to the technological limitations of the time, and Da Vinci's untimely death. Never fear, though, for we have devoted our lives to realising Da Vinci's dream! Having spent years mulling over the blueprints, we have finally reconstructed the design down to every painstaking detail. It is time to start sharing our gift with the world.

Feeding in various musical styles (funk and jazz in particular) in precisely the right ratios allows the RFM to reach the theoretical limit for aural pleasure. So come and see the RFM operating at a venue near you - your ear drums will love you for it.

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Phone: 0274188841


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