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Senior Musicians Club

The club was founded, in 1990, as an off-shoot of the Dunedin Musicians' Club (Inc.) to which we are affiliated. A number of the more senior musicians in that club, mainly dance-band players and jazz enthusiasts, not finding the style of music of the younger members to be quite "their thing", decided to meet regularly to play their own type of music----mostly ballroom dancing music and jazz standards.

We currently have a membership of 58 made up mainly, but not entirely , of dance-band musicians, with ages ranging from 60 to 93 years. The majority live in the Greater Dunedin area but we also have 3 in Central Otago, 3 in Christchurch, 1 in Palmerston North and 1 in Queensland. Instruments played are piano, keyboards, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, trombone, violin, piano accordion, drums/bongos, guitar, string & guitar bass. 84% of our members are still playing their instruments, many of them regularly in various outside combinations, which, we feel, is quite an achievement for our-age group, demonstrating, perhaps, that "music keeps you young".

Although the Dunedin Senior Musicians' Social Club was set up mainly for the purpose of music-making, as its name indicates, socialising and reminiscing are also an important part of our activities. We meet monthly, from February to November inclusive, mostly in suitable hotel lounges. When requested, we send out club musical groups to entertain in the community-- at rest homes, churches, senior citizens' clubs, charity concerts and at other organisations such as Foundation for the Blind and Stroke Clubs.A central element of our club is our monthly newsletter, "Music Scene", received by all members.

To be eligible for club membership, a person must be over 60 years of age and must play (or must have played) a musical instrument to a reasonable standard of efficiency.

We believe that our club, designed solely for "Senior Musicians", may be unique in New Zealand. We have already heard from several similar clubs and are very interested to make contact with others.

Ken Dolphin, Secretary


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