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The Gideons


Phone: 034739756


The Gideons kicked off in about 2005..had a jam with the ever-friendly Gary Hibbs and made some groovy frantic noise, left it at a 'definitely get together soon' stage.. Then at one of those utterly forgettable 24 Gladstone parties messrs Smith and Parker were totally mashed and talking about women/the universe at four in the morning.. There were instruments, there was chaos... Clearly a band was supposed to exist.. What do neighbours know anyway? Quickly pushing through some ghastly band names we started jamming, writing and gigging.. For a couple of years we blasted out speedy treble-heavy art pop, making unprofessional records on audacity - learning to fuck up at the same time and cultivating shared tastes for British comedy, nihilistic or satirical rock, and slacker business ethics... We grew to hate performing.. A joyless farce for little reward that got us edgy and never quite hit the right groove.. There are two of us.. It's a lot of work to hold any decent song together ..And we like to play riff-driven rather than chord-driven stuff... Sweaty and tired,sweaty and tired... The Gideons find their best outlet is in the recording "studio", cheap, fast and naive.. How music should be.. So we have thus far spawned our treble-crazy E.P "Friends and Foes".... in 2007 our almost entirely improvised record "Art For Killing Love" - (hard to listen to but completely unique). Then last year we were on full steam.. "Safety In Numbness" (swamp rock)... a coupla E.Ps......(very silly)... "Wangst" (sarcastic chug rock)... Plus a lot of mysterious side-projects....2008 was a bloody hard year for The Gideons.. "shit was whack" as they say... So we were in a flurry.. And we bashed out a lot of records, culminating in "Crypod Nano" (quite a few proper songs) and it's dishevelled twin "This Record Didn't Get Finished" (as it sounds) . This finally won The Gideons some friends.. and we had the opportunity to make a record with MORE THAN ONE MICROPHONE AND SOMEBODY ELSE PUSHING THE BUTTONS!!! ...Mr Chris,dark warrior of the Dunedin music scene and the best sound engineer we know embraced our ethos and schizophrenic recording style and has crafted us what we narcissists like to think is a ripper of a record to kick off 2009 ..."MATTER"... sixteen songs about capitalism, girls and bollocks.. it's all Gideons, it's all new, sounds phatter than ever before..Ten dollars if you please


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