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Four shy music geeks blend greasy, crunchy Dunedin swagger-stumble with their own inner turmoil. Noisy rocky pop songs with filthy, furious guitars and spacious, sonic instrumental grooves are the result.

Onanon have been playing together since late 2001, performing increasingly intense shows around Dunedin. They released a 7 song EP 'Quarterpack' in October 2002, and released a full-length album, 'Hang On, I'm Still Mutating' at the start of NZ Music Month, 2004.

Onanon have just released their second EP 'Sneepy', and it is available in Real Groovy, Records Records and the Disc Den, and via TradeMe.

Their video 'Days of Our Lives', which featured a chainsaw and a slowly destroyed house, appeared on A Low Hum's second DVD.
The video for 'Bugged' reached the finals for 'Handle the Jandal' and the Kodak Music Video awards, and the animated video for 'Your Days Are Numbered' got a highly commended from the good folks at 'Handle the Jandal'.
And if that wasn't enough, our friend in Korea just made us a brilliant speed-train-outta-Seoul video for Let's Go ...




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