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Simon Comber

Carpathian Records is pleased to announce the release of Simon Comber's debut album Pre-Pill Love: 11 concise and vivid narrative songs about (among other things) horror movies, life at catholic boarding schools and men who would probably make decent husbands if only they didn't think The Man With No Name was so damn cool.
All 11 songs were written in Dunedin while Comber completed a Graduate Diploma in Music at Otago University (which included some composition papers under Dr. Graeme Downes, one of his fave songwriters in the whole world.) During 3 years as a part-time student (Jekyll) by day and songwriter (Hyde) by night, Simon won a composition award, received some funding from Creative NZ towards producing a debut album, and played the odd gig supporting various Dunedin bands.
The majority of the album was recorded at Roundhead Studios in Auckland by Edmund 'Cake' McWilliams who also co-produced and played bass. Chris Harford was drafted in as drummer and Neil Watson was called in to help out on rhythm guitar duties. Over 12 days, the four of them (with a bit of help from Tokey Tones member Li-Ming Hu), finished 8 songs before their time at Roundhead was up.
The last 3 album tracks were recorded at Radio NZ Studios by Thomas Bell, best known for his engineering work with Arclife Studios and David Kilgour. Graeme Downes was only too happy to co-produce the remainder of the album, play a bit of guitar and transform some cassette demo backing vocals for the song Meet Me in Wellington into a fantastical trumpet arrangement. Also willing to lend musical hands were fellow Verlaines sidekick Darren Stedman on drums, and highly accomplished Brit import Rob Burns on bass. And let's not forget trumpet player Trevor Coleman, a brilliant blower who has been known to play the trumpet and the piano at the same time in his and Burns' fusion band Sambia. Everything was finally mixed at Liquid Studios by the exceptional Dale Cotton, and now Pre-Pill Love is at last ready to be cut loose.
Since finishing the album, Comber has managed to stay busy. He's moved back to Auckland from whence he came, been on a nationwide tour with The Chills, and is hard at work on album number 2. He misses Dunedin in that complex, intagible starry-eyed way that tends to induce flowery, convoluted metaphors.




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