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Francisca Griffin

I have been playing music since 1983 when Martyn Bull started teaching me how to play bass guitar. Look Blue Go Purple was formed around about then - with 4 other awesome women. In 1989 Cyclops became my new band, with Bruce Blucher, Andre Richarson & Peter Jefferies
I play guitars, and sing, I've been writing since LBGP days.
In January 2019 I released, through CoCoMuse Recordings the spaces between


Phone: 027 483 4707


If you know LBGP you will be wondering who the hell I am- in 1995 I changed my name from Kathy Bull to Francisca Griffin - that's a long time ago now. Look Blue Go Purple were together for 5 years - 1983 - 88. We released 3 EPs on Flying Nun. Cyclops (1989 - 91) released 2 x 7 inch singles, and a full album on IMD out of Dunedin. We also contributed tracks to Outnumbered By Sheep Vol 2 and I Hear the Devil Calling Me (Drag City) These days I'm playing as Francisca Griffin & the Bus Shelter Boys.

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