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Timothy Blackman

Tim Blackman is from Wellington and Dunedin. A boisterous individual, Tim struggles to do or say commonplace things. He once cycled forty-five kilometres in the middle of the night at high speeds to see if a friend was okay because he had a bad dream about them. Rife with emotion and bored to tears by his formal education Tim reunited with his guitar. Restricted by the reliance and dependence of others in previous musical attempts Tim has decided to take sole responsibility for his music. The minimalist and simple guitar-voice combo has worked in his favour. A more mature voice uses anecdotal lyrics, filled with metaphorical imagery and expression, against a proud-to-be-alone sound. The result is interesting. As ambiguous and inconclusive as Tim himself, one is not sure whether he is aware of what he has created.

Timothy first EP will be out in June 2006


Phone: 0211691951


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