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El Schlong

"Yes, our name is stupid, and no, we don't care. A band name is a just a brand name like Cadburys or McDonalds. Our name neither effects nor reflects the music we play. It is unimportant to us."

So states guitarist/vocalist Leah Hinton.

Hinton formed El Schlong in Dunedin, New Zealand in 2003 along with fellow music student Nick Baldwin on bass. They cut their teeth and learned their craft in the city's DIY student punk/metal scene before moving to the country's capital in 2005.

Wellington saw a change in style that moved from quirky and upbeat to more heavy, thoughtful and complex. It also resulted in the importing of their current drummer Jordan Tredray, and the departure of their original vocalist. Faced with the impending recording of their debut album and a huge relocation across the globe to London, the three members of El Schlong decided to begin vocal duties themselves.

The Baddies Are Coming" was recorded in April 2008 and has received very good reviews worldwide. The album sprawls across the musical spectrum, moving from metal to weird, and all things in between. It takes you on a strange and wonderful journey. It is like Satan in the bath puzzled by the ginger pube on the soap..... The fully animated video clip for the title track is a step further in the journey process. It has been extremely well received across the world and won second place in the Handle the Jandle music video awards 2010.

El Schlong moved to London in August 2008 where they forged a place for themselves in the underground scene. Here they honed their skills as a live band and developed the loop pedals and vocal layering that is a feature of their live show. They also spent their two years in London writing and pre-recording their second album.

In August 2010 they packed their bags and set off for the Southern Hemisphere to an extremely successful homecoming tour of New Zealand and a bit of Australia. "Time, Place" was recorded in August 2010 while in New Zealand, and is due to be released sometime in the next few months. It is a huge step up from their previous album and displays the band's growth and maturation as musicians. It is epic and minimal, fierce and thoughtful, poignant and ponderous.

El Schlong recently completed the next step in their "Slowest World Tour Ever" by relocating to Berlin, Germany.

So what genre of music do they play? Maybe avant-garde metal best describes it, but you really need to listen for yourself. And the name? Love it or hate it you will never forget El Schlong.........




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