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For The Quail

Throb, shear, pummel and wash.




Formed in late 2006 after long deliberations, FTQ were originally named Mokita until it was discovered that someone had beaten them to it (you can check them out here). In 2006, FTQ joined the ranks of bands that have been 'booted off stage'. They were playing New Years 06/07 in the Octagon when the cafes thought FTQ's style was "more suited to later in the evening", and had the council remove the band from the stage. Drummer Andrew Robinson took a leave of absense in June 2007 to teach English in Japan. The company he worked for later collapsed. Andrew's chair was filled by young double-kick advocate, David Kerstens. In October 2007, Iain Dangerfield joined the fold, using guitarist Evan's synthesizer and a delay unit to make stupid noises, freeing up Evan to pose on stage. The band took the years 2008 to 2011 off and are back in 2012 with Samdrub Dawa on drums.


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