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Biff Merchants

Biff Merchants are technically Kevin Costner cut into 5 pieces. These pieces were distributed throughout Dunedin where they can still be found performing music under the guise of Biff Merchants. They will often merge together to create one giant Kevin Costner when called upon for a movie, but prefer to remain in the more comfortable 5 piece arrangement, where Costner's aspirations can fully be realised. Kevin Costner officially decided to call it quits as a single being in March of 2007, and now performs entirely original material of an oft otherworldly nature in his 5 piece incarnation. With the well of movie roles running dry, Biff Merchants have released a 5 track EP entitled 'The Battle For Jubilee Park', and released debut album 'Harold in April 09. Costner has joined the proleteriat and is now enforcing revolution or death.

Kevin Costner due to be hung, drawn and quartered, then his limbs put on stakes in each corner of the city and his head impaled on a chess piece in the Octagon as a warning to other bands on 26th September 2009.


Phone: 0272111753


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