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Rebecca Daniel graduated with a Bachelor of Music from Otago University in 2005 and hung around Dunedin for another year to play gigs, organise Arcoustic evenings at Arc Cafe, manage The Gladeyes, talk about news and music on Radio One 91FM and drink in bars with bands.

Before all this rock star excess began she cut her teeth playing in a high school band to unforgiving crowds in West Coast, South Island taverns. She took her parents along to fight for her if the need arose.

In Dunedin she played bass for Soft Shoe, Anji Sami, Hannah Curwood, Yule and the Thundercats and Magnolia. You can hear her playing violin on The Tomahawks single Yesterday's Drink too.

Recently she has taken to the stage as RAD to sing all the songs she kept tucked away in her head and on her computer.




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