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The Puddle

With founding father, George D. Henderson forming the band in 1984 and writing killer songs since, The Puddle with original bass player Ross Jackson and former Mink cohort Heath Te Au recorded an album at Inca/Writhe in Wellington, beginning in 2005, to be released next year.
In the time between the recording and the upcoming release of that legendary album, the Puddle line-up of George D. Henderson and brother Ian Henderson (drums, production) have recorded and released No Love - No Hate in 2008, then, with Gavin Shaw (formerly of Waste The Earth and Sferic Experiment) on bass, recorded 2009's The Shakespeare Monkey, both available on Fishrider Records.


Phone: (03) 478 0558


For a look at The Puddle in the context of NZ music, see the superb month-long mixotheque NZ music blog at this has MP3 of "K3" and link to MP3 of "Thursday": anyone interested in lost NZ 80's classics should read these pages as they turn into 2 downloadable mix CDs and the blogger's taste in NZ indie is impeccable. But that was history. A rare survival from an earlier scene the Puddle have evolved into something timeless and more popular than ever. They have ways of making you dance with some of the most simultaneously witty and heartfelt songs that you will ever hear. Catchy. Noone ever forgets a Puddle song. Distinctive. Noone ever mistakes The Puddle for someone else. Prolific. There's always a new song to listen to at every gig. Engaging. Talk to George or the boys; they're interested in discussing whatever you can think up. Or just, saying hello. Interesting. You'll be glad you did.


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