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The Verlaines

Graeme Downes' long-standing song-writing vehicle, and one-hell of a brilliant, literate band at that. with the classic line-up of downes on guitar and vocals, Alan Haig on drums and Jane Dodd on bass, the verlaines released excellent singles such as '10 o'clock in the afternoon' from the ep of the same name, and of course their signature tune 'death and the maiden', which stands as one of the true kiwi classics.

Intricate, visionary song-writing and dynamic, unusual instrumentation (Downes approached composition from a more angular classical perspective, yet their songs could still rock), along with a high quality thresh-hold mean that pretty much all verlaines releases have strong, discernable qualities and are well worth getting hold of. they survive several line-up changes under downes' lead, and continued to make albums right up to 00s, re-uniting in 2003 for a short NZ tour.



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