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The New Self is the Dunedin-based acoustic song-writing collaboration of Laurence Smith (vocals/guitar) and Ed Wilson (mandolin). Working together since autumn 2008, Laurence and Ed create songs which are deliberate and intent. Musical arrangements are simple and sparse, utilising traditional elements of song structure, while stretching conventions of rhythm and harmony. Lyrical content and vocal delivery is a focal-point. Supported by the contrasting sounds of acoustic guitar and mandolin, vocal melodies weave emotive images around themes such as of love, power, greed, addiction, faith and abjection. At times the three elements (strings and voice) work together respectfully and complementarily, reinforcing a common feeling and purpose; at other times they work despite each other, creating syncopated rhythms and discordance akin to the sometimes lurid and dysfunctional lyrical imagery. The resulting songs are unique, engaging and harness real emotion and intensity. The New Self approach and instrumentation may evoke reminiscence on country and folk musical themes, however, those reminiscences are likely to hail from the whiskey-drinking faith-healing side of the prairie.
The New Self commenced live performance in spring 2008, and currently seek further opportunities to perform.

Website & MP3s:
Laurence Smith: 027 249 3971;
Ed Wilson: 027 379 9963;


Phone: 0272493971


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