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Fea Street Hustle

Fea Street Hustle first evolved in September 2006 when Emerson Yeoman (guitarist/singer/songwriter) and Gareth 'G' Bedford (bass player/design guru/general on-stage mojo factory) decided to turn their passion for Country Music into a reality. G and Em decided to take this much loved music, which in its various forms had been a soundtrack to life since their earliest years in the semi-rural small-town New Zealand we all love so well, and inject it with a shot of the prevalent indy-alternative aesthetic of Dunedin City - the great bastion of New Zealand creative culture where the Hustle reside and where many great New Zealanders have cut their creative teeth.

They soon realised there was one man, and one man only, who could give this new form of country song the raw on-stage energy it required. Enter long-time friend, the irrepressible 'Animal-esqe' (ala The Muppets) drummer, Matty Hegan. Matty fitted the bill perfectly not only on account of his infectious energy (not to mention his many infectious other things) but because Matty's roots were also in small town New Zealand. Matty even milked cows before he discovered the Dead Kennedys, dyed and spiked his hair, got a studded belt, and several tatoos - and subsequently got kicked out'v the dairy shed real quick, yet he too had felt the call of the big city life with its creative freedoms and intellectual stimulation.

This early 3-piece manifestation of the Hustle had only two practices before they all agreed there was still a vital link missing, but what this was no one could tell. They floundered around like a lost little puppy in a vat of Johnny Walker Black Label for a few weeks until...

In jets the legendary Johnny Screech (guitarist, general sonic-meltdown administrator, and resident Kierkegaard expert), from the northern cultural hub of Wellington. Johnny picked up the floundering puppy by the scruff of the neck, removed it from the aforementioned vat, tenderly wrung it out, and said those famous words (in his now well know 'quasi-northern-urban-punktry-drawl)
"Anyone roun' these parts know'v any bands in dire need'v a sonic meltdown administrator?"

Knowing it was only a matter of time before the other talent vultures of the Dunedin music community would swoop in and carry off this tasty morsel, the Fea Street Hustle vultures, acutely aware of what religious leaders in years to come would universally refer to as a 'Johnny Screech shaped hole' in their heart replied, "Yesir" - and the Fea Sreet Hustle quartet was made complete.

First and foremost The Hustle aim to make music which is fun, energetic and true to its country roots. Their live performances aim to involve the audience in the show, making damn sure everyone has a good time y'hear!? They seek to put on a show which sees every toe tapping, every girl dragging her man to the dance floor, and a smile slapped across the dial of every face in the whole damn place.




In the early '90s music was at an all time low. MC HAMMER and Nirvana had turned music away from its original roots, and Country Music was suffering for it. The pure form of Music we now know as Country was in a state of turmoil. It was at this time Emerson Yeoman and Gareth Bedford first met, while touring as B-Boy Hip Hop dancers in the crew "Spin tillz we Dropz". After a three year tour of Yugoslavia and Poland, EmYo and G-Unit decided to break from the troupe and concentrate on MCing. In what they now recite as their "worst move ever", EmYo and G-Unit signed with Hop Hop superproducer Timbaland (back when he was thin), releasing their first solo EP "White but Right" in '98. After its incredible flop on the album charts, only selling 35 copies (mainly to family and friends) EmYo left G-Unit and recorded a solo album. Known for his songs about Gangsta living and Hood Rats, and for his generous and frequent live performances, EmYo had been one of the top Hip Hop acts for nearly three weeks. Almost out of the blue Johnny Screech (JohnBoi) showed up with his cousin Matt-Unit and introduced themselves to the now re-united Hip Hop Duo. After a few too many Gin and Juices, JohnBoi put on a CD of Garth Brooks feat. Kenny Rogers. The rest they say is history: EmYo and G-Unit formed with JohnBoi and Matt-Unit, forming the purist music machine Fea Street Hustle. LET THE PURE MUSIC ROCK ON IN OUR HILL BILLY HEARTS


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