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Amos Mann

I have spent most of my life in Dunedin with some years spent living in Wellington and Toronto, Canada (close to where I was born).

I write instrumental music, songs, and poetry.

I play double bass, guitar and voice for:
- Voice and guitar based pop songs
- Improvised music
- Jazz
- Hip hop
- Klezmer
- Gamelan
- Tango
- Flamenco
- Folk
- WAM Composition (Western Art Music)



A focus on pop and folk based music includes: - Composition and performance of pop songs for voice and guitar - Double bassist for ' Jah Sun ' hip hop band - Community-based improvisation - Double bassist of ' Chutzpah! ' Klezmer band - Member of the University of Otago Community Javanese Gamelan A focus on improvisation of music has included: - Improvisational jazz group ' The Amos Mann Band ' - Member of the mixed-experience string section ' Strork ' - Double bassist of jazz quintet ' King Parrot ' - ' House Band ' Fringe Festival launch 2006 - ' A Guided Tour of The Animal Attic ' performance A focus on dance performance has included: - Participation in Ali East's ' Shared Agendas ' performances - Double bassist for the tango quartet in Bronwyn Judge's ' Kathleen's Antarctic ' - 'Secret Suburban Gardens' Finale of the Dunedin Fringe Festival 2004


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