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Dr Glam

Dr Glam...
Is a 50/50 mix of glam rock and smooth jazz, a visual and aural hybrid in spandex, sequins and makeup, spawned amid science fiction imagery with a huge dollop of androgyneity and possessing an enormous respect for the trash aesthetic.
He's a wayward aunty who wears too much makeup and doesn't care, a space commander, a twisted, weird cousin who shuns daylight, a futuristic cabaretist, a would-be vampire and a cartoon dome-head.
He is a 1970s freak . . .
An academic geek . . .
A memorabilia collector and a bad-spelling corrector.
He plays the hang drum/flying saucer and strums his glitter guitars while singing about fashion and things that are cool - such as lurex and robots and Miles Davis and David Bowie.
Image is everything.
Dress up or go home.
Platform boots are better than food and eye-liner is more important than oil.
Better to be a beautiful corpse than settle for sensible shoes.




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