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Marcus Tuwairua

I was born and raised in Invercargill, New Zealand and have been living in Dunedin since 2003. Dunedin is home now as this is where my sons are living with their mums.

I simply want to live as close to my kids as possible, make music for the rest of my life and raise my babies on the stuff. That to me is what it's all about.

I have played with a number of bands of various genre (mainly on drums) for such bands as The Becoming (school band, Inv), Spastic Luscious Nobodies, The Anals (current), St Leonards Rock N Roll Club, Kakiroa, Phat Buddas, The Repressed (current) and more.

I have been writing, playing, performing on my own and in many of "my own" projects since 2005 such as...

Marcus & Eddie (Edmund Tait) - 06-07,
The Tomato Plants - 07-09
The Standing Spirits - 09-11

Since December 2007 I have been playing Ukulele. Like so many others in the world, I am now Ukulele mad and wish to meet anyone else in the world that shares this passion. It's a magnificent Instrument that is often underestimated.

During the period that I have owned a Ukulele, I have used the electric ukulele in bands 'The Tomato Plants', 'Kakiroa' and 'The Standing Spirits'.

Come along to a gig sometime and say hello :)


Phone: 0221080605


- Played ukulele and guitar for KAKIROA since 2008 till 2009. - Played Drums for SPASTIC LUSCIOUS NOBODIES since 2006 till 2008. - Born and raised in Invercargill, moved to Dunedin 2003. - Currently drumming for Invercargill/Dunedin band 'THE ANALS' and has done since 2001 although Anals performances are more annual these days. - Performs own solo material in Dunedin occasionally. - Was part of 'THE HAUNTED TURNIES', scratching, spinning and haunting records around Dunedin since 2004, and has been involved with Haunted Turnies live shows on Radio One. - Played Drums/and other instruments for ex Dunedin band 'ST LEONARDS ROCK N' ROLL CLUB', 2004-2005 - Played drums for ex Invercargill band 'BECOMING' while at school (Verdon College) and just out of school, 1996-1998. - Sung and performed with the Verdon College 'PANACHE CHOIR' at numerous events and functions around the South Island between 1993-1997. Perfomed with the Panache Choir in the Sydney Opera House for the International Choral Festival, 1996.


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