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Sex with Bowie

Sex with Bowie - Behind the music:

If you wanted a top notch commercial radio or television jingle In the late 90's in New Zealand then there was only one place you needed to go, and that place was Sex with Bowie. After the run away success of the 1998 "Stuff your face with Chicken" jingle, produced for KFC, SWB began a brief but illustrious career as NZs premier commercial jingle production duo. Caviar and oysters were the norm and as their fame grew and their success increased exponentially the duo began to show signs of the growing pressure that came along with it. As the duo began to specialise primarily in the fast food sector of the jingle industry the consumption of contra product that often came in the form of partial payment began to show, particularly in the case of Rich Valentine - ballooning from a mere 64kg to a colossal 413kg. Meanwhile Chris Keogh began to show signs of massive substance abuse which was later revealed to be an intravenous msg habit he'd picked up after their "Ronald McDonald Is Not A Pedo" jingle during the infamous McDonalds pedophile image crisis in 1999.

Eventually the pair hit a creative block suffering from which can only be described as "73rd Jingle Syndrome" and rumors of infighting and random violence began to surface. On April 13th, 2001, the duo's publicist announced their retirement from commercial jingle writing but no official reasons were given. Shortly thereafter the jingle writing industry suffered a financial collapse due to the extreme drop in quality, which in turn triggered a domino effect leading to the current global economic crisis. The duo were never heard from again and became elusive and evasive to the public eye. A failed documentary project made in 2003 revealed that Chris and Rich had nearly killed each other in their final recording session together over who got the bulk of the contra product for the Ginsu Steak Knives project they had been working on.

It is now 2009 and, possibly acting of the advice of their various therapists, Sex with Bowie have reunited and reinvented themselves as an underground low fi, punk group. A combination of hard living, celebrity envy, jingle writing and carefree production values (a reaction to the enforced production standards they felt pressured to use during their jingle career) forge an entirely new sound, something spontaneous, insightful and, most importantly, will probably not be used to sell third party product.


Phone: 64211616692
Website: with Bowie


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