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Ink Mathematics

Ink Mathematics have formed around that Cadillac of men; Matthew Tiberius Hoffman. His siren like voice lured the musicians from all over dunedin out to his garage in the wops to create some chugging, lurching rock riffs and idiosyncratic-feet tingling shifts in dynamics that are bound to get both booty's shaking and fully grown men weeping uncontrollably. Matty Collins throws in oodles of hammering bass muscle over the manic drumming of Pipz, while Dan smooths out the ride with a welcome dose of atypical chords juxtaposed with melodic riffs. All this without a single gig under their belts! Be the first to show up to their gig and receive a tax deductible pat on the back courtesy of the Hoff. Check out if these guys really are any good or just full of shirt!


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