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Phil Corfield

Busking's a bit like fishing. You never know what you're going to catch, its weather dependent, and its about the best way you can spend your time.

Phil Corfield is a multi-instrumentalist busking singer/songwriter who can often be seen in prominent spots around Dunedin selling his musical wares to passersby.

Mobile: 0272735525


Phone: 03 4745587
Email: 0272735525


Penning his first song in 1978, in a room overlooking hilly green, 'Alien Complex', a song never recorded, but the start of a long and fruitful creative life for Phil Corfield. To date, 140 original compositions, one book, five albums, one '45, and two DVDs. The Troubadours of Mercury came together in 1991 and the song 'Hey Girl' was included on the band's first album. In the interim there was 'The Rag Tag Band' who recorded a '45, 'The Brass Monkey Rally.' We played at the rally in Central Otago in 1985. The air temperature was -10 deg and there were 3000 motorcyclists there. TVNZ subsequently made a DVD of the song using news footage of the rally from 1985. From 1986 I did a one-man band around Southland; Tuatapere, Edendale, Otautau, Bluff, Invercargill. The clientele worked in forestry, fishing and farming. The taste was country covers. One of the originals, 'Misty,' became the Gore Gold Guitars amateur song-writing winner in 1985. I was now drawing heavily on my life, both past and present. Songs about work, hitchhiking, family, travel, alienation, loneliness, war, depression, transcendence. 'The Troubadours of Mercury' were sporadic. Juulian Grimmsshaw was the other songwriter. His vision alternated between darkness and light. They were third-person songs complimentary to my own. We influenced one another. There was a year off in 2005. I hitchhiked around New Zealand and wrote a book about it. I also wrote 'Portobello' in the tent in Nelson. This led directly to my first solo album 'Home.' Recorded at Gordon Jones 'Coda' studio, its more intimate than my 'Troubs' work. Stories about people and places close to my heart. Although I call it a solo album there are 16 Dunedin musicians who helped out. The band came back together, briefly, in March 2010 to release the second album 'A Bit of Magic'. Because we are now scattered between Dunedin, Greymouth and Nelson its hard to say how often we will play together in the future, but there's a show planned for Greymouth later this year. The solo work includes busking, bars and more DVDs. There could also be some more songs recorded, but at this time I am going through songs already recorded, but not released, and make these available.


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