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Opposite Sex

The music of Opposite Sex is, they say, "an absurdist-logico mix of Euro pop, Beat poetry, and subterranean lo-fi adventuring. Opposite Sex reinvent alternative pop in a style of their own with something novel to express."

Their music ranges from oddly poppy carnival waltzes through to manic and melodic post-punk and no wave weirdness.

They recorded their debut album in Dunedin, released on Fishrider Records on CD and LP in November 2011. Uncut magazine said: "'s remarkable, leaping from sea-sick waltzes and crunchy post-punk to ADD-pop" and annouced "the new wave of New Zealand pop begins here" which was as much a surprise to Opposite Sex as it will be to all the new wave of New Zealand pop bands who preceded them.

They play mostly as a bass and drums two-piece or, when guitarist Fergus can get down to Dunedin, as a three piece.




Opposite Sex formed in Gisborne in 2010 before relocating (2/3rds of them anyway) to Dunedin in 2011. Following time in Wellington and a trip to Europe with Connan Mockasin's band, Lucy had returned to her isolated hometown with a new bass guitar and nothing to do. She invented her own percussive style of playing to add to her keyboard and trumpet playing and wrote sweet, strange and disturbing songs of darkness and light, animals and monsters. She met 2nd hand bookshop owner Tim, who had found a drum-kit on a front lawn at a garage sale, and taught him how to play drums. Fergus, self-taught from listening to Guitar Player magazine CDs in his bedroom, completed the trio. In February 2011 Opposite Sex played in Gisborne with Dunedin underground psych-pop band The Puddle. The Puddle heard a shared spirit of subverting pop music; re-inventing the familiarity of pop in unexpected ways. On hearing they were thinking of relocating to Dunedin, Opposite Sex were invited to record at Fishrider Studio in Dunedin. The album, recorded by The Puddle's Ian Henderson, and mixed by Tom Bell, was the unexpected result of one remarkable weekend.


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