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Alpha Cast

Alpha Cast are a three piece Dunedin based band who formed in late January 2003. In the short time they have been together, Alpha Cast have already achieved considerable success. Alpha Cast play an original brand of melodic indie rock and take pride in that they have been compared to at least a dozen different bands with no common denominators arising.

Alpha Cast draw energy from one another and in the live arena they have excelled, drawing consistent crowds to their regular gigs.

Alpha Cast released their debut EP entitled 'Inside Your Mind' on May 15th 2003 having only been together for four months.

Mike and Ed had a long history of music together but the addition of Chris solidified the lineup and sound. The EP has been receiving favorable reviews in media, and getting consistent airplay on Dunedin BNet station Radio One. At the time of writing, 'Red Spider', a track from the band



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