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The Prophet Hens

The Prophet Hens music is marinated in the melodic sounds of Dunedin %u2013 think The Chills, The Bats, Magick Heads and The Clean - and the combination of Karl%u2019s and Penelope%u2019s voices adds their own new magic.

"That was bloody great, I'll be playing that again" - Marc Riley, BBC6

%u201Cperfectly encapsulates the big bold ambition of Dunedin music with the quiet drama of isolation on a South Pacific island: part Chills organ-drenched pop, part bedroom angst%u201D Did Not Chart (UK)

"Finding a rich seam of untapped musical brilliance that sounds just so right to my ears. I urge any fans of literate, chiming melodic pop records particularly those made in 1980%u2019s Dunedin to give this a try." - Norman Records (UK)

" I was just like, standing there listening, and then it was like a teardrop exploded!" - Really stoned guy





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