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Tom Csima

An Expat Canadian who came to New Zealand for 3 weeks and is still here after 3 years... Tom is a solo artist playing chilled out but groovy tunes, perfect for the beach or around a campfire. Inspired by his travels and the nature that he surrounds himself with, Tom released his debut solo EP in October 2016.


Phone: 034793277


Tom started writing music at an early age, but never took himself too seriously. Most of his songs were satire and commentary on high school antics and politics, with his debut performance of the hopelessly tragic ballad "They raised the prices at the cafeteria" earning him first prize in his high school talent show. He has come a long way since then, literally and figuratively, from Toronto to the Rocky Mountains and finally across the pond to New Zealand, travel has given Tom a new perspective on life and plenty of romances to whine about in his songs... With a touch of humour mixed in with some truly relate-able, heart-felt stories, Tom's mellow but captivating riffs will certainly keep you entertained.

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