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Blistering Tongues

Recently released our second 'studio' album - Gashgushalicious.

Available for download at

Have a listen for free or download for [a chickenpoxy] $6.66.

Currently writing new music and looking forward to touring with another new album by early next year.



Phone: 02102938307


Who are Blistering Tongues? Glenn Bathgate - Lead Vocals and Guitar __Teaches kiddies music__(Also in) SHUNT, HOOZIN SUSAN, GRANDADS WEDDING. Nabby McNahb - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocal __Brewer__(Also in) GRANDADS WEDDING, CHRIST PUNCHER. Vanya Vitali - Drums and Backing Vocals __Screenprinting & recording studio SMOKO__ (Also in) FREAK MAGNET Ham Henderson - Bass and Backing Vocals __Student and gentleman__ BT`s history is extreme so i rant a little for you... First gig was at Kakanui Hall , near Oamaru December 1995. With a piss and a phwoarr the gig was shut down due to a semi-riot , 5 police cars and damage to the hall ensured that they still refuse to let us book the hall for another gig. Glenn is the only original member. Nabby joined the band the following year , the original lead guitarist smashed his guitar at the Kakanui gig and henceforth had no guitar. We were a `Live band` since i (Nabby) joined , playing as many gigs as we could, anywhere, anytime. Pubs, clubs, parties & basements for the hell of it - have a few drinks and party with anyone that was ready to party. The main focus of the band, from what i have experienced, has always been to have fun primarily, be whoever you choose to be and make sure that everyone attending the gig is having the best time possible.


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