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Zan Batman Circus

Zan Batman Circus are sorry if you haven't heard their music yet, but they spent all their money on kittens and shrubberies. They just can't afford world domination right now, but it's on the to-do list.

ZBC have been making noise together since the idea of an all-girl grunge band was formed in 2004. Of course, since this idea was proposed by Kevin and Tim, wigs were needed. And since it became aware Hope couldn't pull a Kim Deal (sing and play bass), a Zoe was needed. After all this kerfuffle, music was made, and genres forgotten. The Circus draw inspiration simply from good grooves and great satay.

With basslines akin to meteorites causing craters, leading drums, edgy, layered guitars and a bubble-in-a-soundwave frontwoman, Zan Batman Circus sound like Dunedin. Which is to be expected, in such an influential city.


Phone: 0274067760


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