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City Choir Dunedin

City Choir Dunedin exists for people of all ages and from all walks of life who share a common delight in choral singing. We aim to be a "A Choir of Note" in New Zealand.

The Choir's membership stands at around 140 and new members are always welcome to join.

The Choir's repertoire is extensive, encompassing the great Baroque, Romantic and Classical works, and including contemporary New Zealand choral music. The Choir is usually involved in four or five concerts a year, regularly performing with the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra.




City Choir Dunedin has been entertaining audiences for more than 150 years. The present choir traces its origins back to the Dunedin Philharmonic Society, which gave its first public performance − Handel’s 'Messiah' − on 24 December 1863. The name ‘Dunedin Choral Society’ was adopted for the choir’s second incarnation in 1871, and is still in use as its title of incorporation. The choir has performed under a number of other names, however, including ‘Schola Cantorum’ (1967- 93), and most recently ‘City of Dunedin Choir’ (1993-2012). It now performs as ‘City Choir Dunedin’.

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