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Robert Scott & Co., Lathe & Evil Kid

11/03/2016 8:00 pm $10
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Chicks Hotel

Robert Scott's musical career is now decades long with many an acclaimed Flying Nun album released with the seminal bands The Clean and The Bats, as well as the phenomenal solo albums The Green House and Ends Run Together. Playing a solo set as well as being backed by newcomers Evil Kid (featuring ex-Onanon & Kilmog members), the night will be rounded out with an Evil Kid set and a blast from Port Chalmers noise-afficienados Lathe.

Lathe feature none other than semi-legendary wayward troubadour Chris Heazelwood (King Loser, Dimmer, Cash Guitar) alongside members of seminal Dunedin bands Snapper and Sewage.

So come see some bands making some weird, beautiful, fucked up, noise in the best damn music venue in town - why the hell wouldn't you want to go! $10 bucks, doors open 8.00pm!

Robert Scott Evil Kid
Todays gigs


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