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Opposite Sex, Robert Scott & That Lot, Evil Kid

12/11/2016 9:00 pm
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Purple Rain Retro Bar & Cafe

Opposite Sex return from their USA travails to reacqaint Dunedin with their ragged and prickly noise, humbly choosing the intimate surrounds of Purple Rain on Princes Street to ensure maximum audience closeness. Perhaps you could bring your cat and see whether you can swing it? (Please note: all cats brought to the show will be lovingly adored).

In support, Robert Scott dusts off some of his many gems from the literal decades he has spent in too many influential bands to mention (okay, The Bats, The Clean, we can mention them) with the assistance of spiky punkers That Lot as musical muscle. There are too many near-hits to pick from, so expect some familiar tunes, and some unfamiliar. If he's true to form then there'll be a song written for the night, but no promises are being made.

Evil Kid have been busily gestating from their initial pupal stage, getting ready to become the horribly beautiful chrysalis of furious guitar pop previously only hinted at. Expect screaming.

Doors open from 9pm, music from 9:30pm. Pay money, have fun.

Todays gigs


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